General Cooking Rules

New Cooking Methods

Cooking Without Addition of water and fat



Wash vegetables and place them still dripping, unbroken and not even sliced in the cold pot. Cover and warm up until you feel a sensible heat by placing your hand on the lid (this means that the working temperature has been reached). Turn the lid halfway; it seems as if the lid is floating on a water cushion, reduce the heat and wait for the required cooking time. Spices, salt and other ingredients required by the recipes, can be placed either at the beginning in the cold pot or during the cooking. In the latte case, since you have to remove the lid, remember to add two spoons of water or broth when you finish.



Cook fruit the same way as you would do with vegetables. You can also add a bit of sugar at the beginning; as well as red wine and spices (cinnamon, cloves, etc.) according to taste.



Heat the empty cookware until some water drops, poured into the bottom of the pot, seem like small receding pearls. Place the food in the cookware; don't worry if it sticks to the bottom. After a few minutes, touch the food slightly with a fork and it will detach from the bottom: turn on the other side and wait until it gets browned, then reduce the heat. Add salt and flavor according to taste, close the lid and turn halfway. Cook during the necessary time (check the softness of the meat by using a sharp stick rather than a fork!) If by the end of the cooking time there is too much liquid left in the cookware, remove the cover and thicken the sauce over a high flame.



Brown the pieces of meat, poultry or fish as you do with the roast. Before closing the lid, flavor with a cup of wine and then add the ingredients of the recipe (for instance; tomato cut into pieces, thin slices of vegetables, herbs, salt, etc.) Wait until the cooking time reaches an end. Another method for stewing food is by placing all the ingredients in the cold cookware and cook as you do with vegerables: in this case the pieces of meat, poultry or fish can be slightly floured.



The flat saucepans, heated until the water drops become receding pearls and then continue working as you would do with real grills. Follow the classical grilling method without previously greasing the meat.



Boiling food in water is not a healthy habit: all the vitamins and the mineral salts of the vegetables melt in the cooking water and are lost. The food becomes mushy. But, with your new Breizen cooking set, food is cooked in the special vessel with a pierced bottom. Place the food onto a pot that contains boiling water or broth; the cooking occurs thanks to the only movement of the steam. The final result is a more integral and nourishing food. steam the vegetables in the special pierced vegetable cooker while water is boiling in the lower saucepan.

Composition: 24 saucepan, 24 steamer, 24 lid.

Bain Marie Cooking


Food is inserted in the special basins placed over a pot containing boiling water or broth. This method is used to prepare more delicate creams and sauces, as well as to heat pre-cooked food or to unfreeze frozen food gradually. This method is ideal to cook dietetic food (minced meatballs, chicken breasts, fish fillets) for new-born babies, elderly people, or sick people, thus ensuring the best digestibility and lightness while keeping the integrality of all the nutritive values. Use Bain-marie technique to cook delicate dishes such as pudding or a soufflé.

Composition: 24 saucepan, size-adjusting ring, 20 overturned basin with sucker.

Multiple Cooking


By combining saucepans, grills and basins properly, you can cook at the same time as well as roast and a side dish, or a soup and some vegetables. The size-adjusting ring allows you to place one pot on another one containing boiling water. Thus we can bring cooking to an end without having to mix continuously. The basin overturned on a pot in which some food is cooking provides a hot surface which to place another pot onto, so to keep previously cooked food warm.

Cook & Heat


While you are cooking a roast in the big saucepan, you can keep the potatoes hot in the small pot placed over it.

Composition: 24 saucepan, 24 overturned basin, 20 saucepan, 20 overturned basin with sucker.