Best Quality

With a flourishing 45-year-long experience in the field of stainless-steel manufacturing, Breizen proudly presents its unique set of cooking pots. Using the most advanced technological means, Breizen's machineries permit to execute all the processing according to an extremely accurate system making the Breizen cookware a culinary masterpiece in performance.

The Breizen factory is equipped with its own tooling- department compromised of a separate building; therefore the entire production-cycle occurs inside our factory under the surveillance of our engineers. The Breizen cookware collection includes different cooking utensils that will serve your different catering needs. From making soups, to roasting, and baking, Breizen can do it all!

Breizen avails itself of the sole-right of technologies patented all over the world.

Why Breizen ?



Quality Material


Stainless steel 18/10; AISI 304; with titanium, body thickness 1 mm., lids 2mm.; thermo diffusing capsular base, composed by several material thick plate completely covered with a stainless steel layer. Total height of the base: 15 mm . It is fabricated with hand-polished 18/10 stainless-steel with titanium cooking surface that will not have chemical reaction with the food and in turn ensuring you a healthier choice of eating habit.


Techniques of



All the stainless-steel lids of this cookware set are designed to be tight fitting. This is particularly useful to preserve the moisture and nutrient, as well as enrich the flavor of the food. Better still, it is oven-safe up to 350C. This Breizen cookware set is also manufactured with a high quality, detachable and heat resistant handles that will stay cool all the times.


Smart Design


The Thermometer is made of very high quality plastic, very accurate and can tell you the exact temperature of the food cooked inside the pot.